This site was made by a Turkish guy who lives in Russia. Then Korsakoff continued to improve the site content. I live in Moscow who are occasional support. Very laughing articles, comics from Korsakoff. French additions and Russian details from me. This writing also left me to write. Korsakoff is actually a Turkish man who lives in Istanbul. His name is not Korsakoff, but we don’t give his real name. I met in Kiev with him. We met in Minsk after many years. The small world give me a present. After half an hour chatting, I realized he didn’t remember me. But he never showed, what a man!!! The next day, when we called him, he came to dinner with us. We realized that he also didn’t remember the last night. He never remembered the friends we introduced to him. I mean, Korsakoff is an interesting person. Very funny, polite and he is very good at Russian when he gets a lot of alcohol. Also, he able spoke to the Arabs and helped them. He teaches me Turkish also give nice tips about English to my friend Olga. We’ve met more than five years. He is like an Istanbul guide. Every time we go to Istanbul, he walks us around but never comes to Moscow. We wait for him.

We’il write more, dear friends.

Paka Paka))) LISA

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