Russia Celebrates Cat Day

On the first day of the first spring month, according to the spontaneously established tradition, Russia celebrates Cat Day. According to some information, for the first time this holiday was organized by the Moscow Cat Museum and the editors of the magazine and the newspaper Cat and Dog in 2004.

Interestingly, in many countries, national days are also set to commemorate these closest to human beings. For example, in the USA cats are honored on October 29, in Poland – on February 17, in Japan – on February 22. And the basis for all national Cat Days was World Cat Day, celebrated on August 8th.

Felinology (from Latin. Felinus – cat and Greek. Logos – science) – the science of cats – stressed that cats are intelligent animals, and if, unlike dogs, they do not bring a stick thrown by the owner, then “ the cat does not consider itself obliged to carry out the stupid orders of a man. ” Many nations even believe that cats live several lives.

The domestic cat (Felis catus) belongs to the feline family, in which there are 2 subfamilies, 4 genera and about 36 species. It is known that in Russia there are representatives of both subfamilies, 3 genera and 12 species. In addition, we all know that cats are excellent fighters of harmful rodents.

Specialists in cats have noted that they have lived with a person for so many years that they feel equal to him. Therefore, they should be treated with respect, in no case be ordered to them, and explain and encourage good behavior.

Especially cats love to be petted behind the ear and under the chin. Moreover, cats are more tender and sociable, and cats are more capricious.

You can still talk a lot about these graceful animals, the close relatives of the tiger and leopard themselves, but the owners of their pets will tell many times more and better than us. And we wish all cats to have their home, caring owners and delicious natural food. Well, we, people, should try to do everything for this.

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By Rusça Dersleri

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