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Singing and Russian Lessons – 2 (Olya Polyakova – Ya ne takaya Russian Style – Оля Полякова – поссийан стиле )

Singing and Russian Lessons are continuing. I will tell you about Olya Polyakova. She is a nice looking lady. She is very talented and popular singer who was born and raised in Vinnitsa, Ukraine. I gave the lyrics again below also I was added video for you. If you search for the song name with the “karaoke” keyword, you can also find different videos. I usually do not translate, but I will translate the first paragraph of this.

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Russian Lessons with Songs – 1 (Viktorya Dayneko – Виктория Дайнеко – Я буду жить)

Russian Lessons with Songs – Today we are introducing Vika with a song that all we know.

I have the following lyrics. Also here is the video. Let’s start:  : ))) Xaaa Xaa Xaaa
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