I remember the soviet disintegration, the Gorbachev with the bald head stained. In fact, this stain is like a map. Give it a call and you’ll find it in cyberspace. Belarus, a former Soviet Union country that declared independence after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, is the closest ally to the Russian government. Belarus is known to us as Belarus. The White Russia flag was adopted on June 7, 1995, and became available today in 2012. The decoration of the flag is located on the left side. The right part, which covers most of the flag, consists of red and green stripes. The green color refers to the country’s own forests, while the red symbolizes the bloodshed for the struggle for independence. It symbolizes it, but you also have to ask the beautiful people of Belarus about this flag and its story. In this country, which I visit often, I also see a flag consisting of two stripes of red and white.

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