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Minsk Denizi
Minsk Denizi


I remember the soviet disintegration, the Gorbachev with the bald head stained. In fact, this stain is like a map. Give it a call and you’ll find it in cyberspace. Belarus, a former Soviet Union country that declared independence after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, is the closest ally to the Russian government. Belarus is known to us as Belarus. The White Russia flag was adopted on June 7, 1995, and became available today in 2012. The decoration of the flag is located on the left side. The right part, which covers most of the flag, consists of red and green stripes. The green color refers to the country’s own forests, while the red symbolizes the bloodshed for the struggle for independence. It symbolizes it, but you also have to ask the beautiful people of Belarus about this flag and its story. In this country, which I visit often, I also see a flag consisting of two stripes of red and white.

Belarus has no seashore. No, but it’s got a sea. There’s a lake they call the Mins Sea. Even if you don’t feel the iodized smell of the sea, the light wind, you think it’s the sea when you’re on the shore.

The land is very flat and there are many large marshlands. According to a 2005 United Nations estimate, 40 percent of Belarus is forest. Belarus has many streams and 11,000 lakes. Three large rivers pass through the territory of the country.

It also has a city founded in 1970 for employees of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. In 1986, the city was evacuated as a result of the Chernobyl reactor accident. The city, which will be able to reach the level of radiation that can be experienced again after nearly 1,000 years, is attracting attention even today in its abandoned form. The area is still being accessed by radiation measuring devices and strict measures. The area really resembles horror movies. After this disaster, many people had thyroid cancer due to radiation, and the creatures in the region had a serious mutation.

In the city center of Belarus, one of the greenest countries in Europe, each neighborhood has very large parks resembling forests. Known as the Vision of Europe in Belarus, we make it one of the most important figures of this natural life. Europe is the largest herbivorous creature in continental Europe. We only experience it in the ZA Forest, praising its dialogue in Poland and Belarus. He’s become the mascot of this vibrant country. You can also find dozens of deer during intercity journeys around the country. Hundreds of thousands of people visit Belarus every year, where Turkish citizens can travel without visas. The agreement signed by diplomats from both countries in Minsk on 29 March 2013 began to be implemented on 1 June 2014. This rolf m is the opposite point. Based on the estimated data on Info, 9,449,323 people live in the country in 2020. It ranks 90th in the world in terms of population. Belarus. 81 percent of Belarus’s total population is ethnic white Russians. Next there are the largest ethnic Poles and Ukrainians. The two official languages of Belarus are Russian and White Russian tent. Russian is spoken by 72 percent of the population and has become the most common language in the country. White Russian is spoken only by 19.2 percent of the population. Many see the future of the Belarusian language in jeopardy. 70% of Belarus’s population is Orthodox. Twenty percent are Catholic and Protestant. Ten percent are Muslim and Jewish.

Located at the center of the eastern front of the Second World War, when Nazi Germany fought Russia, Belarus was completely destroyed during these conflicts. The Eastern Front, the scene of the bloodiest conflicts in history, was one of the most important centers of Germany’s war with the Soviets. After 9 May 1945, when the Red Army defeated Nazi Germany, many cities were rebuilt in the region, which began to heal its wounds. It was built in Minsk, Belarus, in 1950, in a sticking to pre-war city plans.

Thousands of Turkish citizens live in Belarus. Most of them are business people who settled in the country for investment purposes in tourism, agriculture, machinery and chemical industry. There is also a considerable turkish student community in the country, which is one of the most popular sectors of Turks. And the hotels and casinos built and operated by the Turks. The number of Turkish employees is also quite high. At today’s exchange rate, a Belarusian ruble equals four points of 89 Turkish Lira. If you want a meal for one in a cheap restaurant, the spot is nineteen euros, if you want a McDonald’s menu 4.0 seven euros. If you want to have coffee with milk in a cafeteria, you’ll have to fork out 55 euros at some point. The minimum wage in Minsk is 135 euros and the average salary in Minsk is 420 points 92 euros. Dishes on menus that are quite economical are usually meat-heavy and feed on landscapes with a wide variety of versions of potatoes. You should try regional dishes in this city, where all international cuisines are also located. For example, the match, which means mushroom and creamy meat made in casserole, is dry tapeya, which is Hanukkah and mushroom soup. Perl, a kind of ravioli-like dish that looks like a ravioli dish, looks like a taste of semen and jewellery, which in Belarus faces hefty penalties if restaurants and cafes with strict control mechanisms in many areas of the state go beyond the prices on the menu.

Belarus is one of the most popular gambling households in Europe. There are more than 12 casinos in the capital Minsk that are affiliated with international chains. Everyone who buys an internet or telephone line in the country is photographed with a small camera after their passport information is obtained. Registration is done with great seriousness. Belarusian and Turkish culture are similar both in terms of traditions and some words used in everyday life. They do not enter belarusian wall houses with shoes. They like to barbecue outdoors. In good weather, they go to green areas to light barbecues. Belarusian dollar, which calls tea tea, prefers brewing tea to shake tea. He calls it a tour of the place where they cook coffee. Young premarital girls prepare dowries in crates. Belarus is divided into 6 separate regions, which are called abundant tapes. The largest city in the country and also the capital, you know, minsk gomel is the second largest city in the country. Bitez Brest, Rodeo House Are some of the other major cities in Belarus. There is no time difference between Belarus and Turkey. What time is it in our country is the same as Belarus. Progress is slow as the central economy is maintained in Belarus. The country has the same economy of the six regions and includes automobile engines, tractors, refrigerators, textiles, electronics and some manufacturing products. In Belarus, especially forestry, chemistry, IT sector, energy and construction activities are the backbone of the economy.

If you are thinking of going to Belarus, it is advisable not to go during the harsh winter months. The recommended months to go to the country are July to August. August in particular is the best time in the country. If you go in freezing winter, you should not forget to take your thick clothes with you. Airfare prices start at around 2,500 Turkish Liras per person round trip and take two and a half hours nonstop. Let’s take a look at what’s happening in Belarus, where air travel has been frequently raised in recent days. A new type of war is forming between Belarus and the European Union. In what the Western world calls hybrid warfare, the Belarusian government is accused of using refugees as weapons to send them to the Polish border. Refugees arriving in Belarus from the East are advancing to the Polish border accompanied by Belarusian troops and security forces. European Union countries claim that Belarus is using refugees as weapons in this hybrid war. He suggests Russia is behind the Minsk administration. It’s funny to say he’s suggesting it. Let me be clear, there is no bird flying in Belarus without knowing about Russia. The public is not happy about it. At least they’re people I know. But what can you do?

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By Rusça Dersleri

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