Russian (Cyrillic) Alphabet

Russian, from the Slavic Languages, is a widely spoken language in Eurasia.

Russian, along with Belarusian and Ukrainian, belongs to the East Slavic Languages subgroup of the Slavic Languages group of the Indo-European language family. 20. Russian, a politically important language of the United Nations, is one of the official languages of the United Nations.

The Russian alphabet consists of 33 letters. Of these 33 letters, 10 are vowels, 21 are consonants, and the remaining 2 are just “sounds.” In the table below you can hear it by clicking on the words of the Russian alphabet and you can find the pronunciations right next to them.

Russian Alphabet and Recitation: Russian consonants are divided into two groups: hard and soft. The hard consonants are located in front of the letters а, у, о, ы, ь. (exceptions: ч, щ are always soft.) The harsh consonants are pronounced like their counterparts in Turkish. The soft silents are located in front of я, ю, е, ё, ь, и. (exceptions: щ, ж, ц are always hard.)

Cyrillic alphabet Turkish Audio Similar Sounds Sound
Аа A Anne [audio:/kiril/a .mp3]
Бб B Bdimming [audio:/kiril/b .mp3]
Вв V Vazo [audio:/kiril/v .mp3]
Гг G Gaf [audio:/kiril/g .mp3]
Дд D Ad [audio:/kiril/d .mp3]
Ее E or YE Eatngeç [audio:/kiril/e .mp3]
Ёё NO Yonca [audio:/kiril/yo .mp3]
Жж J Jaguar [audio:/kiril/j .mp3]
Зз Z Faiz [audio:/kiril/z .mp3]
Ии İ Gemi [audio:/kiril/i .mp3]
Йй Y Kuyu [audio:/kiril/y .mp3]
Кк K Kale [audio:/kiril/k .mp3]
Лл L Dal [audio:/kiril/l .mp3]
Мм M Mwand [audio:/kiril/m .mp3]
Нн N Nar [audio:/kiril/n .mp3]
Оо He Koli [audio:/kiril/o .mp3]
Пп P Search for P [audio:/kiril/p .mp3]
Рр R Roman [audio:/kiril/r .mp3]
Сс S Saat [audio:/kiril/s .mp3]
Тт T Yat [audio:/kiril/t .mp3]
Уу U Ufuk [audio:/kiril/y .mp3]
Фф F Fan [audio:/kiril/f .mp3]
Хх H Halat [audio:/kiril/h .mp3]
Цц TS Yatsi [audio:/kiril/ts .mp3]
Чч Ç Qam [audio:/kiril/che .mp3]
Шш Ş Sapka [audio:/kiril/she .mp3]
Щщ soft sh’ Ş’ [audio:/kiril/sche .mp3]
Ъъ harsh sign [audio:/kiril/sert .mp3]
Ы ы I KIna [audio:/kiril/ii .mp3]
Ьь soft sign [audio:/kiril/yumusak .mp3]
Ээ E Edirne [audio:/kiril/ye .mp3]
Юю YU Yuverbal [audio:/kiril/yu .mp3]
Яя WHAT ABOUT Yasa [audio:/kiril/ya .mp3]

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By Rusça Dersleri