Russian (Cyrillic) Alphabet

Russian, from the Slavic Languages, is a widely spoken language in Eurasia. Russian, along with Belarusian and Ukrainian, belongs to the East Slavic Languages subgroup of the Slavic Languages group of the Indo-European language family. 20. Russian, a politically important language of the United Nations, is one of the official languages of the United Nations.… Continue reading Russian (Cyrillic) Alphabet

Saying goodbye

When saying goodbye, it is officially sung “ДО СВИДАНИЯ” (da_svida’niya). The word meaning is “until we meet”. As the friends say goodbye, they say, “ПОКА’!” (paka) or “ДАВА’Й!” (davay) says. ДАВАЙ is popularly used. The Turkish “görüşrüz” УВИ’ДИМСЯ (uvidimsya) is a less commonly used discourse. Examples: [audio:vedalasma/1MnenAdoidti .mp3] Мне надо идти. I have to go.… Continue reading Saying goodbye