Congratulatory Messages in Russian

Rusça Kutlama Mesajları

Before I get into the topic of Congratulatory Messages in Russian, I will talk about the message that is the reason I wrote this article. Solnycoma made cakes. Would you send a cake photo in the morning to a person like me. The last time I ate my cake was two years ago. Let me keep the photo and share the message.

– Мой пирог на Пасху

Painting eggs is also present in Russian geography. I saw it most of the ones painted red. There are also sweet preparations such as cakes and pies so don’t ask. I can say that it is the only geography where you will consume such high-calorie meals and not gain weight. Additional information: Cold burns calories. )))

Congratulatory Messages in Russian

In the Russian geography, as in our country, all holidays are divided into religious and national holidays.

The main religious holidays are:

  • Рождество́ [rajdistvó] (Christmas, the day Jesus gave birth to the baby.) – January 7
  • Па́сха [pásha] – (Easter, Resurrection of Jesus) There is no fixed date for this, every year it comes to different dates but I don’t know what it depends on. I’ll find out sometime. I will update the article. Promise. When I did not keep my promise )))

National holidays are as follows:

  • Но́вый год [nóvıy got] (New Year) – January 1 (usually the New Year holiday in Russia is from January 1 to 6)
  • День защи́тника Оте́чества [den’ zaşşítnika atéçistva] (Feast of the Home Guards/Men’s Day) – February 23
  • Междунаро́дный же́нский день [mijdunaródnıy jénskiy den’] (International Women’s Day) – 8 March
  • Пра́здник Весны́ и Труда́ [práznik visnı́ i trudá] (Spring and Labor Day) – May 1
  • День побе́ды [den’ pabédı] (Victory Day) – 9 May
  • День Росси́и [den’ Rassíyi] (Russian Sovereignty Day) – June 12
  • День наро́дного еди́нства [den’ naródnava yidínstva] (People’s Unity Day) – November 4
  • День конститу́ции [den’ kanstitútsıyi] (Constitution Day) – December 12

Valentine’s Day (День всех влюблённых) is celebrated on February 14, but there is no official record.

I don’t know if our jokes are made on Laughter Day (День сме́ха), which is celebrated on April 1. Look, let me ask you this. I’ll update that when I find out.

There are also many professional holidays, but these are also unofficial.
I love these people. As long as there is something to celebrate. They celebrate with pleasure. If you remember and celebrate, it will be acceptable. At least my acquaintances are overjoyed.

Congratulatory Messages in Russian


Oh, we will celebrate two holidays, there is a formula again. There is a verb ‘поздравля́ть’ (to celebrate). There are both completed and undefined versions of this verb.

Поздравля́ть – celebrate / congratulate

поздра́вить – congratulations / congratulations

(кого?) тебя́/вас – you/you

– с пра́здником (Пра́здником Весны́ и Труда́/Пра́здником Све́тлой Па́схи) – celebrate the holiday (Spring and Labor Day/Easter (Mubarak) (Mubarak) Easter)
– с днём…
… Побе́ды – Victory Day (celebrating)
… Защи́тника Оте́чества – Feast of the Patriotic Guard (celebrating)
… Росси́и – Russian Sovereignty Day (celebrating)
… Рожде́ния – celebrating your birthday
… сва́дьбы – wedding day/anniversary (celebrating)
… всех влюблённых – Valentine’s Day (celebrate)
– с Междунаро́дным же́нским днём – International Women’s Day (celebrating)
– с Но́вым Го́дом – New Year’s Eve (celebrating)
– с Рождество́м – Christmas (celebrate)
After the expression of celebration come wishes. The verbs ‘жела́ть/пожела́ть’ [jılát’/pajılát’] are used here:
Жела́ть (НСВ)/пожела́ть (СВ) – wish
(кому?) тебе́/вам – you/sana
– сча́стья – happiness (wishing)
– здоро́вья – health (wishing)
– ра́дости – joy (wishing)
– любви́ – love (wishing)
– уда́чи – good luck (wishing)
– доста́тка – abundance (wishing)
– успе́хов – success (wishing)
– благополу́чия – abundance (wishing)
– всего́ са́мого лу́чшего – wishing the best (wishing)
– исполне́ния жела́ний – making wishes come true (wishing)


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By Rusça Dersleri

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