Why Should We Learn Russian?

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Why Is Russian Important?

Greetings from Moscow, you know, it’s a mess. Unlike our citizens living in Ukraine, I fled to Moscow. I’ll be on my way to minsk in an hour. If nothing goes wrong, I’m waiting for the plane. I haven’t written in a long time. The beautiful people I learned in Russian are sad. They can’t believe what happened. They say, “Putin, what the hell did you do?” By the way, every story here is denied. What kind of journalism. You’d think Putin wrote all the articles. Turns out Ukraine wasn’t attacked, no bombs were dropped. Let’s get ahead of it.

Why Russian?

Yes, the volume of trade between Turkey and Russia has started to increase recently. Yes, the record to date is $37 billion in trade volume, which was broken in 2008. However, there is a trade target of 100 billion dollars, which will be much needed by experts who speak Russian and Turkish. If we come out of the context of Turkey and Russia alone, Russian business people have spread to so many countries around the world that russian is now among the most used languages in many places during the period when those oligarchs were disbanded. Aside from the human dimension, I’ll come to him later. In fact, let me come to that. Please do not react to Russian citizens individually. If they had the strength to protest, they’d react. They’re not happy either. At least don’t be a sloob, don’t be a keyboard stalker. Let’s move on.

Especially in business. For example, Russia started building nuclear power plants in Turkey. Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant. A lot of people are going to work there. Hakeza Turkish Stream project was implemented. Turkish business people have very serious investments in the textile sector and tourism sector, especially in the contracting sector in Russia. In fact, in terms of industry, turks have investments in Russia. Whether it’s Şişecam’s factory, Ephesus’ factory, Beko’s factory, Kastamonu Entegre’s factory, it’s a huge comprehensive factory. The need for turkish and Russian-speaking staff occurs very often here, and it is not only Russian to evaluate them. You also need to get your training. In the same way, it does not matter what field you are studying in, but you must know Russian. If you are going to do business with Russia and trade with Russia, we have been telling success stories in Russia on the back page of our newspaper. And when I was doing those interviews, when I spoke to the business side bosses, they stated that the biggest problem they had was to counter their own products through interpreters. Because when we were talking, the sentences that we emphasized were that we could see that even a profession of language was not clearly conveyed from the way they spoke. And after they decided to learn Russian and gained dominance in Russian, they told me how fast their business and business volumes were growing. I’ll pass it on to you from here. Other than that, when you look at it in a human sense, I spend my time traveling from country to country, city to city globally. In this context, we also have to make contact with the people who live there very often. I started to encounter this a lot in the hotels I stayed in at the beginning or the taxis I took in the cities I went to, car rental companies, restaurants. For example, I checked into a hotel in London. When I realized that the name of the beautiful girl in charge was russian on her badge, I started speaking Russian. He was surprised to see that I was speaking Russian with a Turkish passport. I’ll tell you what, I love women of Russian geography. I’ll pass the Belarusian people alone. They’re not like the Russian people or the Ukrainian people. I don’t know how to put this, but if you’re thinking of visiting this geography, Minsk should be first.

It happened to me again in Germany. There are two-story tourist buses in Berlin called hop hop off. If this is the first time you’ve been to the cities I’ve been to, if there are buses like that in that city, I’m going to get on them. Because you walk around the most important points of the city and you dominate the city in terms of knowledge very quickly. If you don’t have time with the information from the headset you’re wearing in your ear, and you’re coming to a city in a country, be sure to try it. I tried to talk to the driver in a place like that. He doesn’t speak English. I have German, and it’s nothing more than a beer. We didn’t get along. Next door were young people who I noticed speaking Russian and occasionally returning to German. I spoke to them in Russian. They listened to my problem and took care of my problem with the driver. He found my place very easy to land and made it easy for me. I’ve been to Dubai like this. Again, I have encountered such examples in many places I have encountered in China.

I even saw it in Bones Aires, Argentina. Russian has been used in many countries. If we go to our country, when you go to Antalya, you see that more Russian is spoken in Antalya than in English. So Turkish is the first language, the second language is Russian. So even this is an adequate indicator, and recently Russian universities have started to rise in the world rankings. And in terms of education, people are starting to get interested in this place. Especially those from African countries. Look, about a month ago, I think he was the Foreign Minister of the Congo, if I’m not mistaken. He had visited Turkey and after meeting with Mevlut Cavusoglu, they appeared in front of the press. After making his statements, Mevlut Cavusoglu responded in Russian. There was a sympathetic atmosphere with a laugh. We later learned that the secretary of state had been educated in Russia. Mevlut Cavusoglu is also from Antalya, so he has a lot, if not a lot, of Russian in terms of touristic.

And yet, in general, Russian has really become widespread around the world. That’s the part. And on the human side, I recently saw the numbers from countries that are married to Russia to a Russian tv station. It’s clear there’s been a significant increase. How could it not be my beautiful brother : )

If we talk about these figures, about 200,000 mixed marriages are mentioned on behalf of our own country. A very serious figure is not only Russia, of course, the Russian-speaking geography, this entire community of independent states speaks almost Russian.

If we include Ukraine, it’s going to be awful. We see that Russia is becoming widespread around the world, which we can say in terms of education both commercially and humanely. There’s a lot of need for Russian speakers. After all, I’m one of those people who thinks you have to learn the Russian thing. Because Russian has been incredibly in demand in recent years. Both from countries, in human terms and commercially…

Russian began to be spoken in many countries around the world. If you are asking for a plan for the future without hesitation, I would say that you should definitely learn Russian as a second language besides English.

You’re saying there’s going to be a war, right? Now think again, what if we don’t break up with Russia? It’s not my position who wins what at the end of the war. But one thing I do know clearly is that if you speak Russian, russia’s doors are wide open. You want to do business? We’re looking at a country where the world closes its doors. Maybe we’ll be Russia’s gateway to the world.

Me, then? I don’t do business with russians. It’s a matter of principle. The only reason I’m going to Minsk is because of my lefty. Come on, davay, spread out: ) Let me have this glass. I’m going to walk to the door.

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