Do Not Do Any Research Without Going To Russia!

Before Going to Russia

Let’s say you have decided to go to Russia to “land on the field”, see the market in place and start a business, and you are taking firm steps on this path. Normally, a sane businessman should make a “preliminary” before taking this road. He should investigate the country he will go to, the conditions of the market, job opportunities, and the coordinates of the embassy or association he will apply there.

Is it too much away you go, in his office in Turkey, entering from his computer on his desk-course if applicable, to the internet, such as on “search” section of the Turkish “Russia, Russia-Turkey, Moscow” One such word typed into And if he spends half an hour, not much, be sure to find dozens of useful websites, research files, reports, news etc. finds.

Only the Russian-Turkish Businessmen Association RTIB (, Moscow Turkish Embassy Commercial Counselor (, Russia Office (, Russia Online (www pages, take a look at the pages of information there, and look at other “useful links” to be directed by them! He finishes half of the work before he arrives in Moscow.

How to set up a company

Which legal problems and how are they dealt with? Which subjects are incentives received from the state? Which sectors are popular? Which fairs are organized? The trade volume between Turkey and Russia, what are the figures? What are the consumer trends in Russia? Is it better to open a representative office or start a company? The answers to hundreds of questions like these are already circulating on the internet based on objective information and are instantly available free of charge. While in Turkey this information hatmedip gain time and businessmen from Russia, both business to focus more easily, as well as Turkey would be left largely to their prejudices.

But do not do such things!

If you are able to spare your precious time and access the internet in your country, first of all, hang out on and your manners will increase. Then, if you are not in Russian, but in English worth three cents, search for “Russian girls” and like friends for your first Moscow evening at the photo galleries. Because you are a businessman: time is money for you!

Do not research anything about Russia before you hit the road, do not reach anyone or any institution doing business here. What you know is enough for you. What are they? Let’s refresh a memory:

“These Russians have always been enemies of Turks. They have no affairs with religion, faith or honor. If not, they drink and ooze. Poverty in Russia is knee-deep. Russians are so hungry for goods that every cheap item, no matter how poor quality, is instantly compromised. The stone and land of Moscow is gold. Doing business is child’s play. Bureaucracy is a trouble in Russia, but there is no job you cannot handle when you pay 50 dollars. Every Turk who goes to Russia with a thousand dollars in his pocket becomes rich. Every Turkish mafia rich in Russia is sure to bribe. Every Turk who does not bribe the mafia in Russia changes the world with a single bullet for that moment. In Moscow, for 100 dollars a month is lived like a king. As a very scientific survey, which made a name for itself in the country, once again determined, “Natasha” comes to the mind of the Turks when Russia is mentioned. (Pleasantly, if that questionnaire was not like that and Russia was not involved at all, if only the Turks were asked “What comes to your mind at every moment of life?”

Before Going to Russia

Here, be you, preserve your “Russian knowledge and experience”. Do not listen to those who say “When coming to Russia, leave all your prejudices about this country at Moscow customs, so go inside”. It takes care to fail in Russia, keep showing this care!

It is an excerpt from Suat Taşpınar’s book, Ways to Fail in Russia. It is highly recommended for those planning a visit to Russia to read it. Book, you can order located in Turkey.

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By Rusça Dersleri

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