Online Russian Keyboard

You can type your Russian text on the keyboard below and use your writing with copy-paste.

Write Russian in Turkish alphabet and translate it into Cyrillic alphabet here:

How to use the Russian keyboard in Windows?
1. Enter the “Control panel” from the launch
2. Open “Regional and Language Options”
3. Open “Details” from the “Languages” tab
4. Click “Add” and select the Russian language

If your keyboard does not have Russian characters, it is easier for you to type Cyrillic letters using the “on-screen keyboard”.

To use the visual keyboard;
– Run “Start/Programs/Accessories/Accessibility/On-Screen Keyboard”.
-Enter “Start/Run” (Shortcut Win+R) and type “osk.exe” or “osk” in the window that opens.
When the on-screen keyboard opens, select the russian keyboard from the windows taskbar.

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By Rusça Dersleri

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