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Russian Love Phrases

I have seen people in the Russian geography who know Russian Love Sentences, Russian-voiced compliments and love phrases by heart but are unable to say, “Can I get water, please?” Sir? : ) Of course, all of them Turks, is the question yours now : ) For example, without making the slightest mistake, those who say the sentence “I am lost in your eyes, baby!” without hesitation, in the Moscow dialect, are not satisfied with this and say, “My love, my light, my life…” I met a native who continued with “My rabbit is mine.” With the same competence, he also learned great profanities. But I am strange that he could not explain that he made his hotel reservation through and paid for it. There is no English, if you say Turkish, it is worse than Russian. I didn’t go down to breakfast the next morning. I thought we’d meet and he would start counting the Russian curses he knew on my face as if they were marif, and he would laugh crisply.

Whatever my inspiration. Since it is very curious. We didn’t make the announcement to the girls of the neighboring country to love them. Let us fulfill our duty, let us bless our purpose of existence. Here you go. The only words you can use in your love affairs conversations with your Russian zevce. My favorite is Солнышко


I love that statement.

Honey / Милая моя



My Love / Любимая моя


Honey, My Candy / Ласковая моя


Gunes / Солнышко моё


My Joy is mine, My Happiness / Радость моя


Gold / Моё золотце


Canım / Дорогая моя


My Angel / Ангел мой


My woman (my daughter) is mine / Девочка моя


My rabbit is mine / Зайчик мой


My sweet angel / Мой милый ангел


I love you / Я тебя люблю


I can’t live without you / Не могу жить без тебя


You need / Ты нужна мне


I need you very much / Ты очень нужна мне


I need you very much / Ты нужна мне всё больше и больше


I love you with all my heart, with all my soul. / Люблю тебя всем сердцем, всей душою.


My love has no limits. / Моя любовь не знает границ


Love comes from my heart. / Любовь вошла в моё сердце.


Love overcomes everything. / Любовь всё преодолеет


There is no limit to our love. / Для нашей любви нет преград


I fell in love when I first saw you. / Я полюбил тебя с первого взгляда


Love is everlasting in my heart / Любовь навеки в сердце моём


I love you every day increasing / Я люблю тебя с каждым днём всё больше


I can not live without your love / Мне не жить Без твоей любви


My heart is full of love. / Моё сердце полно любви


Give me your love / Подари мне свою любовь


These didn’t cut me. If you say I want to master the language as much as the heroes in love novels a visit here is a hassle. Come on!

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By Rusça Dersleri

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